About us

„Za sve puce kaj si žele 'zgledat hoh!" is the slogan of our brand Le Šmuk, founded in 2021 in Zagreb. The idea behind the brand stems from the fact that we all want to look well-dressed from time to time and what we want to convey is that you don't need to spend too much money to achieve that. Jewelry is something that can truly transform any outfit and by wearing our "šmuksice" (slang for non-precious metal jewelry), every outfit can be unique.

"Šmuk" is a germanism that was used in old Zagreb to refer to jewelry or ornaments that were not made of precious metals. So all jewelry that wasn't made out of gold or silver was called "šmuk."

The founder, Paula Dušak, created this brand out of love for vintage accessories and her main inspiration came from fashion in 50's and 60's in the old Zagreb, her hometown. That's why some of the names of our "šmuksice" are inspired by old Zagreb words, such as "Zrihtane" (Fancy), "Famozne" (Fabulous), or "Milostiva" (Gracious) earrings.

The mission of our brand is to offer high-quality "šmuk" at an affordable price so that the majority of people have the opportunity to feel special while wearing our jewelry!